KSC 710-T

Powerful Service-Center for metal cutting circular saw blades

„Our main goal was an enhancement of the  performance of the successful and well known KSC 710 model to meet the growing market  requirements.“

  • Fully automatic grinding including chamfering and cutting in of chip breaker grooves
  • High capacity due to extra shifts and a large saw blade magazine with three or six blade stacks
  • Consistent grinding quality with tight cost control
  • Ideal High-Tech solution for service and production

Working range

Saw Blade Grinding Ø (40) 130 – 710 mm
Saw Blade Grinding automatic Ø (75) 130 – 560 mm
Saw Blade Chamfering Ø (105) 145 – 710 mm
Cutting in chip breaker grooves Ø (120) 185 – 560 mm, thickness >= 1.6 mm
Tooth pitch 1 – 55 mm
Tooth height max. 17 mm
Number of teeth 2 – 998
Saw blade thickness up to 8 mm
Magazine loading capacity max. 80 (160) saw blades
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Features and accessories

Examples of tooth shapes


KSC 710-/ dimensions