Additional Equipment

AB 500 Übersicht

AB 500

Manual dressing machine

For manual dressing of CBN and Diamond grinding wheels and to remove metal shavings on circular saw blades 

  • Saw blade chip / burr removal
  • Dressing of grinding wheel

TC 720

saw blade measuring system

Precision measuring instrument for checking
the tooth geometry of circular saw blades

  • Robust and precise mechanics
  • Industrial HD color camera
  • High quality zoom lens
  • User-friendly software
  • Recording and documenting of the measurement data
Polar Kühler Übersicht


Cooling unit with HSS- and HM-filter

For cooling of grinding medium. Control of the coolant temperature with a sensor and adjustable  temperature value between +15 °C and +25 °C.

Air filter for machine with oil cooling

Luftfilter Wasserkühlung Übersicht

Air filter for machine with water based cooling

TurboGrind / PowerGrind

CBN and diamond grinding wheel

Original Loroch grinding wheels perfectly matched to our machines