solution K850-T

Sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering of metal-cutting circular saw blades with CBN-abrasive grinding

The solution K 850-T is the ideal CNC controlled saw sharpening machine for fully automatic machining of metal-cutting circular saws – easily integrated in a multi-machine shop set-up.

  • Automatic grinding wheel insertion
  • Automatic chamfering of the saw blade
  • Attachment for cutting in chip breaker grooves
  • Separation of machine set-up and machine operation possible

Working range

Saw blade grinding Ø (40) 130 – 850 (920) mm
Saw blade chamfering Ø (105) 145 – 850 (920) mm
Cutting in chip breaker grooves Ø (115) 180 – 710 mm
Tooth pitch 1 – 40 mm
Number of teeth 2 – 998
Saw blade thickness up to 8 mm


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Features and accessories

Examples of tooth shapes


solution K850-T dimensions
solution K850-T 5 controlled axes, including 2 simultaneous CNC controlled axes

5 gesteuerte Achsen, davon 2 simultan geregelte CNC-Achsen