Loroch GmbH

The specialist for saw blade sharpening

Originally founded in Heidelberg in 1899 as a craft business, Loroch has developed into today's modern, efficient and worldwide operating industrial concern.

We are producing sophisticated machines for the grinding of saw blades and band saws. Our wide range of products contains simple manual machines as well as fully automatic service centers. For this we have a machine available for every operational field.

According to our philosophy "Innovation for the grinding techniques" Loroch is permanently pursuing new developments. Because of this, new machine types resp. -variations are presented at international fairs and are brought into the market. We attach great importance to good contact with our customers. Furthermore good communication with the operators contributes to the development of the sharpening machines.

Loroch building

 Loroch building birdview



We moved to our new building.

Loroch new building

Launch of evolution K850-M – Compact Service Center for economical grinding of metal cutting saw blades.


Product launch of the Solution K 850 - an economically priced, advanced CNC machine with automatic chamfering.


Loroch celebrates 100 years in business.


Loroch launches the TC700, an economically priced digital measuring system for HSS and carbide-tipped circular saws. The 100th KSC710 machine is shipped.


For the first time, Loroch offers the KSC710 with chip-breaker unit. This makes the KSC710 the only machine globally that can sharpen and re-tooth saw blades with fully automatic chamfering and with the ability to grind chip-breaker grooves.


Loroch exhibits a prototype model of a low-cost CNC controlled band saw sharpening machine at the Grindtec fair. In 2007, the CNBS80 machine is launched. In addition to sharpening CV and bi-metal band saw blades, the CNBS80 can also sharpen carbide-tipped band saw blades. Integration into the Vollmer Group. 


Loroch develops complete system solutions by offering grinding wheels and coolants perfectly matched for the operation of Loroch machines.


Presentation of the compact and innovative Service-Center KSC 710. Once again Loroch has set new standards as far as flexibility, grinding time and grinding quality are concerned. In our great tradition even today we see an obligation for the future. Loroch will continue to monitor the market to recognize trends. With the help of our first class employees we want to come up with these trends in practice with improvements and new developments.


Introduction of the further developments KBN 710 and KRD 760.


Introduction of the new generation of "low cost" CNC-controlled machines with the by Loroch developed Tower Design and vertical position of the saw blade (KBN 560, KRD 710, NC 1020)


More than 200 NC 1000/E sold.


Together with Vollmer Werke the first Loroch Service Center is introduced. With this robot system 1-3 grinding machines can be loaded with saw blades. Unique to this day: Loroch and Vollmer machines can be connected to this robot system at the same time.


Introduction of the first generation of sophisticated "low cost" CNC-controlled machines. (NC 1000/E).


Sales cooperation with Vollmer Werke Biberach.


New generation of K/CNC machines

  • Future oriented LOROCH VARIOTEC control
  • K/CNC TURBO, a break through in saw blade grinding with vitrified grinding wheels


The 4th generation takes over. Managing director is Dr. Roland Loroch.


First saw sharpening machine for metal cutting circular saw blades with vari-pitch (Variomat).


Introduction of the 1st CNC grinders (K/CNC 510 7 710 /910) worldwide.


Introduction of the 1st NC grinder (K710NC) worldwide for metal cutting circular saw blades.


Foundation of a branch office in France. With Gerhard and Christa Loroch the third generation takes over.


Handing-over of the company to Christian and Franziska Loroch.


Production of the first automatic JLM saw sharpening machine.


JLM (Josef-Loroch-Mörlenbach) was founded as a trademark.


Settlement of the company at today's location. In the meantime the field of operation has shifted to the development and the manufacturing of saw sharpening machines.


Imperial patent for this apparatus for solding. Foreign patents follow.


Foundation of a mechanical workshop by Josef Loroch in Heidelberg. The device to solder band saws which has been developed by him is being built and sold here.