Sharpening machines for metal circular saw blades

Medium grinding volume demand


PowerStar 850

The PowerStar 850 is a flexible, CNC controlled High-Tech-Grinding machine for the complete treatment of Metal Cutting Circular Saws. 

  • Semi-automatic chamfering of the saw blade
  • Adjustable chamfer angle
  • Attachment for cutting in chip breaker grooves

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Medium to high grinding volume demand


solution K850-T

The solution K 850-T is the ideal CNC controlled saw sharpening machine for fully automatic machining of metal-cutting circular saws – easily integrated in a multi-machine shop set-up.

  • Automatic grinding wheel insertion
  • Automatic chamfering of the saw blade
  • Attachment for cutting in chip breaker grooves
  • Separation of machine set-up and machine operation possible

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Medium to very high grinding volume demand


KSC 710-T

„Our main goal was an enhancement of the performance of the successful and well known KSC 710 model to meet the growing market requirements."

  • Fully automatic grinding including chamfering and cutting in of chip breaker grooves
  • High capacity due to extra shifts and a large saw blade magazine with three or six blade stacks
  • Consistent grinding quality with tight cost control
  • Ideal High-Tech solution for service and production

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evolution K850-M

„Our goal was the development of an efficient, powerful, and economical Service Center option for small to medium sized companies.“

  • Fully automatic grinding, recutting and chamfering of the HSS saw blades
  • Additional capacity due to unmanned running
  • Consistent grinding quality with tight cost control
  • Ideal solution for small to medium-sized companies

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Low grinding volume demand


SW 450

The automatic saw grinding machine SW 450 offers you a large range of application possibilities and will convince you by its functional design, easy operation and quick set up facilities.

  • Saw blade diameter range: 22 – 550 mm

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Slot grinding


SW 630 – ST

Cutting in chip breaker slots on metal cutting HSS- circular saw blades and carbide or cermet tipped blades up to 630 mm diameter

  • Use of CBN grinding wheels and water coolant
  • All control elements of the automatic slot grinder are clear and easily accessed
  • Short set up and grinding times
  • Saw blade diameter range: 140 – 630 (650) mm

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Manual dressing machines


AB 500

The Loroch AB 500 is an excellent complement to the fully automatic saw blade sharpening machine series KSC 710 and the solution K850.

  • Saw blade diameter: 200 – 520 mm (Upon request: min. 100 mm and max. 800 mm)

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